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Gardening with children the Montessori Way

In our nurseries gardening with the children provides amazing opportunities for the children to engage with nature, the learning that takes place is endless. The children can see that fruit and vegetables can be grown under or on top of the ground, on a bush or a tree. Observing the life cycle of a plant you are tending is magical and if you can eat it even better. Home grown food is of course much tastier, Just look at the children in this clip who are delighted with their home grown potatoes.

Fresh herbs add wonderful flavour to our meals but they also enhance our mud kitchen area. The recipies coming out of there are intriguing and the smell delightful. Often the children are excited when they can identify the herbs and eagerly bring the leaves to be smelt.

Exploring the new mud kitchen, it won't stay that clean for long!

Planting a seed or bulb to take home and care for with your family is a lovely experience and can be shared with the nursery when discussing the plants progress. One of our families even took their Sunflower on holiday so they didn't miss the flowering. That is true commitment.

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