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involving parents

Montessori Nursery Activity

We understand that you want to maintain an active part in your child's daytime care and so we help you to stay connected to your child and the time they end at nursery through consistent and regular feedback.

Each child has a key person who is responsible for a child’s emotional and developmental needs. The key person also ensures the child’s interests are catered for in the environment. At the end of the session your key person will let you know which activities your child has been involved in during the day, nappy changes and the drinks/food they have eaten. 

We use a computerised system called Blossom for recording observations and tracking each child's progress with The Early Years Foundation Stage, we aim to write one observation a week. Each family receive an email and can set their own password. Every time the staff write an observation families will receive a notification and can see what their child has enjoyed doing at nursery and the progress they are making. Families can write their own observations and upload pictures from home, there is also an app for Apple and Android devices. More than one email address can be used so other family members can be added.

Next Step reports are sent home three times a year. The Next Step report will give a brief description of where your child is in their development and what the next steps are for the coming term as well as activity ideas.  You will have an opportunity to add comments from yourself and your child. We share the completed Next Step forms with any other setting your child may attend with your consent. 

We operate an open door policy and parents are welcome to visit the nursery by arrangement.  If parents wish to speak to their child’s key worker a mutually convenient time will be arranged. We celebrate Christmas and Harvest with families and hold end of academic year celebrations every July for children leaving to go onto school. 

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