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The Story of the Cardboard Box

Our manager of the Ivy Town setting noticed a large delivery to Ivybridge Leisure Centre, never one to miss an opportunity she asked the delivery company if she could have a couple extra large boxes. Well what learning opportunities those boxes provided! The creativity and imagination the children showed as they invented stories, the language development as the children discussed their adventure, the perseverance and adaptability as they negotiated together their journey.

Just a cardboard box? Never just a box...

Initially the children were excited to see the size of the boxes, smiling and calling each over to have a look. They quickly climbed in the boxes and their adventure began. To begin with they drew in the box mark making on the bottom and the walls of the box. The children chattered whilst they made their marks moving constantly, turning around, sliding along the bottom exploring the space with their bodies.

It was decided a den was needed which was created with both boxes being combined together. What fun was had in that box! The adventures that went on!

Blankets were added along with cushions as a sleep was needed.

A door was cut in with the help of the supporting adult so the children could easily walk in and out of their den. Snack of course had to be eaten in the den, and so much snack was eaten.

Once snack was finished it was decided a roof was needed so the gazebo was erected above the den and the adventure continued. The box became a pirate ship then a plane with mummies and daddies on board.

Why not see what adventures you could go on in a cardboard box? What could that box be? What could be added such as cushions, material or cardboard tubes? For minimal to no costs your child could be entertained for hours.

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