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Artisan Bread

Recently our nursery chef Mike attended an Artisan Bakery course at The Artisan Bakery School in Sparkwell, Devon. Mike thoroughly enjoyed himself and I must say we certainly enjoyed tasting all he had baked afterwards, it was delicious.

Artisan Bread Baking

So why did Mike attend? We are always looking at ways we can improve our nurseries and the experience we offer. Our home cooked food is very popular and enjoyed by the children who already help to prepare the puddings. After a brainstorming session Mike suggested baking fresh bread at the nurseries and involving the children.

The benefits of children baking bread are amazing. There are many educational experiences for the children such as weighing the ingredients, dividing the dough, the strengthening of muscles as the dough is kneaded, observing the science taking place as the mixture changes throughout the process, the shared experience with adults and peers, the vocabulary which can be introduced and of course the sheer joy of sharing and eating fresh bread with friends.

Don't just take our word though, others have spoken of the benefits of baking bread such as Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute and Crafting Connections. We can't wait now for the Autumn term when we plan to begin weekly bread baking in all three of our nurseries.

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