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Pink Tower and Broadstair Exploration

The Montessori Pink Tower is one of the first pieces of the sensorial equipment children are introduced to. It is made up of 10 cm pink wooden cubes ranging from 1cm cubed to

10 cm cubed, differing in 3 dimensions. The cubes increase progressively in the algebraic series of the third power. Maria Montessori was a mathematician and engineer and the equipment she designed is often mathematical and very precise.

The purpose of the activity is to encourage the child to

visually discriminate dimensions. It also indirectly supports

control of movement, increase of concentration, and handeye

coordination. A child is invited to explore the tower and shown how to

carry it safely to a mat (the mat defines where the child is

exploring and is their space). The child is show how to build

the tower from the largest to smallest cube

Once a child has been introduced to the pink tower they

are free to explore and repeat the activity whenever they

like. They can combine the tower with other pieces of

equipment such as playing matching games to pink

square cards.

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