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Floral Delight

We pride ourselves on our settings looking welcoming, beautiful, homely and an inviting place to have fun together. Having flowers arranged in vases around the setting provides colour and beauty. The children are involved in every aspect of displaying the flowers.

First the children walk to the local shop to choose their flowers, along the way they are discussing what they can see and hear. Once at the shop there is the debate of which flowers to buy (in our price range) and who is going to carry them.

On returning to the nursery the all important task of preparing the flowers before the arranging begins. After opening the packaging, the children trim the stems so the flower can drink and live longer. They arrange the flowers in the glass vases and decide where to put them in the nursery. The learning that takes place naturally and through discussions with friends and practitioners is amazing. The children are learning how to handle scissors, the names of the flowers, parts of a flower, colours and much more.

All the children enjoy the flowers, even our youngest children enjoy the flowers placed on the table at snack and meal times.

Once the flowers are past their best we use them for our art work, creating collages. You can see from the pictures how much the children enjoy every aspect of having flowers in the enviroment. Why not try flower arranging at home? It doesn't have to be bought flowers children will enjoy arranging daisies, dandelions or greenery. You can also use empty jars as vases!

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